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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the process for placing an order?
A. First, tell me more about your project by sending me an email and you'll get a response in a few days detailing the next steps. The printing process can vary depending on the project, but it’s safe to assume most custom orders can be completed in 4-5 weeks.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The price varies based on the project and the materials used. I can definitely work with you to get great results while keeping your budget in mind. To get a price quote, tell me about what you'd like to have printed and we can go from there.

Q. I already have my design done. Can you just print my design?
A. Certain design elements are better suited to letterpress than others. In order to take full advantage of this process, certain adjustments may need to be made to the design and/or paper choice to obtain good results.

If you already have a design in mind, send me an email, along with a .pdf or .ai file of your design. We will work together to get your idea into a format that will work well for letterpress and print beautifully.

Q. I’d like custom letterpress business cards/invitations/notes, but I don’t have a design yet.
A. The first step is answering a few questions about what you'd like to have printed, then you'll get a response within a few days detailing what comes next. I’m happy to connect you with a designer with letterpress experience who can help you with your design, or I can offer basic design services along with printing.

Q. What papers and ink-colors are available?
A. There are a wide variety of papers that work well for letterpress printing. Crane’s Lettra, French Construction, PopTone, and Speckletone are my favorites, but I also have many samples to choose from, including coasters and envelopes. Ink can be mixed to any Pantone color.

Q. What kind of presses do you have?
A. The press I use most is my Chandler & Price 10x15, but in the shop we also have a Chandler & Price 8x10, a Golding Pearl 7x11, and a Kelsey 5x8, along with a Vandercook SP20 and SP15.

Q. Do you ever print with metal and wood type?
A. Sometimes. My partner and I have a collection of type that can be used in your project if it is appropriate, however for most custom work, I use photopolymer plates to allow for greater flexibility in the design.

Q. Can you do creasing, perforating, or rounded corners?
A. Yes!

Q. Who’s running the show here?
A. Read all about it on the About page.

Contact: hello@deltaletterpress.com
P.O. Box 221265 // Sacramento, CA 95822